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Access Control Administrators

All employees that manage authentication services and or access control services are required to register with the Information Security Office. This is required to meet Sacramento State policy and procedures governing access control.  For more information on the specific standards and policy, see the consolidated baseline security requirements titled Baseline Access Control Requirements.

Additional information on the security standards and policy on changes in employee status, department, terminations, account name or identifier changes, see the following links to the full CSU information security standards and policy.

Account Requester

Listserv email addresses

Provide email the address(es) you wish to receive access control update information.

If any of the above addresses is a shared email. List all the staff members who will be responsible for maintain the account. Eg. A department email such as then list John Doe, Jane Smith below.

Access Control Categories

Authentication Control - If you run a domain or authentication services.

Critical Access Control - If you run critical system with level 1 data, public health and safety or physical access.

Access Control - All other systems, operating systems, applications, and or databases.