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Information Security Office

Register a New Server

For purposes of these procedures and guidelines, a server is defined as any electronic device on the Sacramento State network that is configured with the intent to provide information or services to other networked devices. Examples of information and services include, but are not limited to, Web services, file transfers, e-mail services, shared files, shared printers, and database services.

Sacramento State network -- The sum of all networked devices, where traffic originates within, or transits a campus- owned or operated facility. This definition is intended to include remote-access, auxiliary, and partner networks that receive network services from the University, such as ResLink, the Associated Students Inc., Wireless, and VPN.

Please take a moment to review the Server Procedures and Guidelines before filling out the register form.

Register Your Server Information

Server Information:

A member of the Information Security Office will contact you once the form has been proccessed to ensure the information is correct. Additional question may be asked to ensure the information on the server is correct.