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Information Security Office

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Information Security 2011 Policy and Compliance Training Schedule

As part of the Chancellors Office Audit, the Information Security Office will be conducting ongoing trainings to meet the audit findings and policy requirements. These trainings are conducted in a open forum setting where feedback and ideas are encouraged to help facilitate understanding and implementation of the CSU and Sacramento State Information Security Policies.

Data Security & Privacy Training

The California State University (CSU) has responsibility to protect sensitive employee data and maintain confidentiality of that data under the Information Practices Act (IPA) and Title 5, California Code of Regulations. In an effort to help you learn how to be more secure in the digital world. The following training websites and documentation have been provided. Please email and so we may discuss your security concerns or questions.

Current online training modules

Policy and procedures governing the handeling and transmission of data. This includes but not limited to Level 1 and Level 2 Data. 

Identity Finder Software - Go there now!

The Identity Finder application is a tool provided to all faculty and staff to help Sacramento State meet the ever increasing security standards. The Information Security Office encourages the use of this application to remove all files or documents that contain personal or sensitive information. Identity Finder install and running module.

PCI Assessments and Training - Go there now!

The PCI assessment training provides the information to campus Departments and Program Centers to ensure compliance with the PCI standard. All related documents and templates are available on the Information Security PCI Training and Awareness module of the ISO website.

Patch Management Training - Go there now!

Patch management is a critical component to securing Sacramento State’s information technology (IT) infrastructure. IT assets must have patch management procedures and processes for the routine identification, evaluation, and application and verification of software patches. These requirements are outlined in the pending CUS Information Security Standards as well as finding in the CSU Information Security audit reports.

User Provisioning and De-provisioning - Go there now!

A secure, auditable and compliant user account provisioning and de-provisioning process is critical to the university’s effective administration of various accounts and access control. There has been an increasing focus and scrutiny on these processes by the CSU Office of the University Auditor.


Capital Public Radio Information Security Staff Training - Go there now!

Training module for Capital Public Radio in regards to CSU Policy and security practices at Sacramento State.

Additional Training Material and Websites:

Phising awareness and email security.

National Cyber Security Awareness Month campaign and documents.