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Data Security & Privacy Training

The California State University (CSU) has a responsibility to protect sensitive employee data and maintain confidentiality of that data under the Information Practices Act (IPA) and Title 5, California Code of Regulations. Each campus in the CSU is required to establish an Information Security Program (ISP) which includes providing training to all employees who have access to confidential personal information on other employees or students. The policy for California State University, Sacramento can be found in the University Manual at :

This ISP training should take less than 30 minutes to finish. You will need to complete this training (tutorial and quiz) before you can access Sacramento State employee and student data. The purpose of the training is to provide you with fundamental information on employee and student records confidentiality requirements. This training will familiarize you with appropriate conduct and usage of employee and student data. By reviewing these guidelines you can better serve employees and students and feel confident that you are in compliance with federal and state laws as well as CSU and Sacramento State policies and procedures.

You can access the ISPT training with the following links.

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