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Wednesday, Feb 5, 2014

CMS Human Resources and Student Administration System Upgrade

The CSU-wide central CMS office needs to upgrade Sacramento State’s portion of CMS.  We have been given a limited number of dates to choose from, and have tentatively chosen the weekend of March 1st and 2nd.  This would mean that beginning at 5 p.m. Friday, Feb 28th and running through most of the weekend, the CMS Human Resources/Student Administration system will be unavailable. This includes: the Faculty Center, Student Center, Employee Center, search committee access, and related CMS HR/SA services. More details on the upgrade…

The process to be followed for this shutdown and restart of the CMS HR/SA system is: 1) The CSU-wide central CMS office will start the upgrade of Sacramento State’s portion of CMS at 5PM on Friday, with this part of the upgrade expected to take about 20 hours to complete; 2) Following this upgrade, our campus IT, HR, and Student Affairs staff will use Saturday afternoon and possibly Sunday to complete comprehensive testing of the upgraded system; 3) If testing is successful, the upgraded HR/SA systems will be brought online; and 4) If problems are encountered with the upgrade, the remainder of the time before Monday morning at 8:00 am will be used to either correct problems or revert to the previous HR/SA system. The CMS HR/SA system will thus be fully available for use again on Monday morning, March 3rd at 7 am.

This upgrade primarily involves technical changes and you will likely notice only cosmetic differences in your use of CMS.

We understand that this is a particularly busy time for you and our campus. We therefore tentatively selected the upgrade time available from CSU CMS Central that would provide the least possible disruption. We would like to have feedback on any concerns or issues caused by the timing of this upgrade.  Please email