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In order to preserve a computing environment at Sacramento State that is both conducive to learning and protects the rights and property of others, the following regulations must be observed by users of the IRT General Use Computer labs:

  1. IRT computer labs are to be used for the completion of assigned class work or university-related work only.
  2. All users of IRT computer labs are required to log in providing accurate information at any IRT computer station.
  3. All users must be students, faculty or staff of CSUS and possess a current SacLink account. Lab personnel may ask users to display a valid OneCard.
  4. All users are expected to refrain from activities that disturb other users. Such activities include, but are not limited to, verbal discussions and the use of audio equipments that can be heard by others. Lab personnel will determine if a lab user's activity is disruptive to other users and may request that such activities cease. Failure to comply with such a request by lab personnel is cause for suspension or revocation of user privileges.
  5. Users must have their own assigned account and use the account only for its assigned purpose. No one may "borrow" or use another person's account.
  6. Users will properly operate all hardware and not abuse it in any way. Users shall not disconnect or connect peripherals, devices, power cables or network cables to or from lab machines. Users shall not tamper with nor attempt to repair any equipment.
  7. Users will notify the computer lab personnel on duty of any malfunctioning equipment.
  8. All users of University Computer Labs shall obey directions regarding reasonable conduct and/or use of equipment given by the lab personnel on duty. Lab personnel may direct users to leave the lab if they do not observe these regulations. Users are also required to obey all University Lab signs posted in the lab.
  9. By using University Labs, users are acknowledging and agreeing to video, audio and other electronic monitoring and recording of their activities in the lab and on the computer. They are also acknowledging that all computers in these labs may be managed by remote control.
  10. University Labs does not have a time limit on how long lab users can stay on a station. However, lab users should not leave their station unattended for more than 10 minutes. If a user leaves their station unattended for more than 10 minutes, the on duty lab personnel has the right to log out their station and make it available for the next patron waiting in line and treat their unattended belongings as a lost and found item.
  11. All users shall comply with the Campus Animal Policy.
  12. All users shall comply with all other University Lab Policies.
  13. All users shall comply with California Penal Code Sections 311, 480, 484, 502 .
  14. All users shall comply with United States Code Title 17 Chapter 5.

Note: IRT reserves the right to add/change policies as they see fit without prior notice. Violations of these regulations constitute cause for the revocation of user privileges and could result in formal disciplinary action by the University and/or criminal prosecution.

Printing Guidelines

The General Use Computer Labs participate in the University's PrintSmart laser printing system. Complete information regarding the PrintSmart system can be found at . Answers to the most frequently asked questions are listed below:

  • All users of IRT Labs must use the PrintSmart system to obtain laser prints. The PrintSmart system requires a CSUS OneCard or a CSUS Courtesy OneCard to release the user's print job.
  • Matriculated students registered in the current semester automatically receive a PrintSmart allowance. The PrintSmart system will automatically deduct printing charges from this account if a balance is present. PrintSmart allowances are reset to zero at the end of each semester.
  • All other users must have funds in the debit account of their CSUS OneCard or CSUS Courtesy OneCard in order to print. The current charge for black-on-white laser printing, 8 1/2" x 11" white bond, is five cents per side of sheet.
  • Users are encouraged to ask the on-duty lab assistants for help with their laser printing. Users are responsible for charges incurred for any blank or unwanted pages. No refunds will be made for any failure to produce a readable print. In the event of a system failure, General Use Computer Labs will produce a limited number of prints for the user.
  • Questions regarding the PrintSmart or OneCard debit accounts should be directed to the CSUS OneCard Center . You can find a list of deposit locations by visiting this web page. The OneCard Center telephone number is 278-7878.