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New Voice Mail!

In Spring 2011, Sac State will replace the current campus voice mail system with a new, easy to use, reliable system. Our current system is old, and vendor support is coming to an end, so this is a great opportunity to move to an easy to use new system - CallXPress. The new CallXPress voice mail system is part of a synergy project with CSU East Bay. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Sharing this system with another CSU will bring us new functionality and more redundancy at no additional cost.
  • Storage will also be cheaper, so we are able to upgrade you from the 10-day voice mail storage we currently have to 30-days of retention.
  • We will also have the ability to associate other devices with voice mail. For instance, the Call Xpress voice mail system can notify you by text or email that you have voice mail messages.
  • In the future, we may also integrate voice mail with SacLink email.

CallXPress is very simple to use, and documentation, hands-on training, and online help will be available as desired. Visit for up to date information about the upgrade, If you have comments or questions about our campus voice mail, please send them to

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