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Resource Center

The Faculty Staff Resource Center is a one-stop shop for learning about Accessible Instructional Materials and other topics related to the use of technology for teaching and learning. Hands-on help is available to assist faculty with the creation of accessible instructional materials, as well as with use of Microsoft Office, SacCT, and other popular software. There is equipment to convert VHS tapes to a digital format and scan and print documents. Faculty can also access special project rooms to create narrated audio and/or video lectures. To assist faculty in preparing materials suitable for students, the computers in the Faculty Staff Resource Center have the same software as those in the classrooms and open computer labs. The Faculty Staff Resource Center is staffed by student assistants who have been specially trained to help faculty at the first point of contact. If a student assistant cannot help, they can connect you with a staff member from ATCS or IRT who can. For current hours and other information, go to The Student Technology Center is located in ARC 3012 and workshops are held in ARC 3013.

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