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Volume 1, Issue 3, Winter 2009

Campus housing watercolor

Responding to Our Budget Challenges

It goes without saying that we are all faced with unprecedented budget challenges. Unfortunately, indicators point to a continuation of those challenges for some time to come. These budget challenges create a specific dilemma for use of information technology, in that as IT budgets are trimmed, demand for information technology services continues to increase at a dramatic pace... read more.

SacSend screenshot

SacSend Targeted Messaging Services Now Available

One of the most popular new services from IRT is the new targeted messaging service called “SacSend”.  SacSend is a web-based messaging tool that helps faculty compose and send an email message to highly targeted groups of students, faculty, or staff. An example that illustrates the targeting of messages would be an email aimed at all Freshmen from Sonoma County who received financial aid during the current semester. A more common example is SacSend distribution lists made available to faculty for each assigned course section... read more.

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Academic Self-Service for Students Improves

Sac State has a strategic goal to implement a strategically focused, campus-wide effort to improve recruitment, retention, and graduation rates. One of the ways IRT is supporting this goal is by finding ways to help students more easily navigate their experience from application to graduation.  In conjunction with Student Affairs we have made some good strides in 2009... read more.

Smart classroom instructor station

Faculty Pleased With Classroom Upgrades

Despite the high-quality education that Sacramento State provides and our growing faculty and student reliance on information technology, comparisons with our peer institutions show that the majority of classrooms on campus are outdated and unequipped with technology that meets current teaching and learning needs... read more.

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