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My Sac State 2.0

by Dan Biondi, Portal Services

por·tal (pôr'tl, pōr'-)
1. A doorway, entrance, or gate, especially one that is large and imposing.
2. An entrance or a means of entrance: the University library, a portal of knowledge.
3. A website considered as an entry point to other
websites, often by being or providing access to a search engine.

Students have long asked for one convenient place online to do their university business. They’ve also asked that we reduce the multiple times they have to separately login at Sac State to reach different resources. For these reasons we are happy to announce that, after more than a year of development, collaboration, and testing, the updated My Sac State 2.0 student web portal is up and running and ready to make students' lives easier. The new portal will offer the features already available in the original My Sac State (i.e., personalized Student Center for class schedules, student financial information, grades and more), but has been expanded to include new services such as student e-mail, access to SacCT courses and messaging through a single sign-on process. My Sac State 2.0 is designed as a home base on the web for students to conduct their university business, a single point of entry to an array of academic and business services they use daily. Future functions planned include access to Library services and the ability for students to receive vital announcements targeted to them based on their individual profile (department, major, etc).

“Single sign-on” means students may sign into the portal once and then move seamlessly from application to application, such as from e-mail, to SacCT, and the Student Center.

There is also a new tab called “My Stuff” that fulfills another student request - customization of their own personal portal channels (“portlets”) to let each user create his or her own experience.

Accessing the portal is easy. Students simply use the URL or click on the My Sac State icon (shown below) from the Sac State homepage. After sign-on, students will be taken to the Home tab. This Tab offers portlet channels to help students communicate and be a part of campus life through e-mail, targeted messaging, emergency messaging, campus news and calendars. This tab also includes a portlet for personalized SacCT classes. There is also a Services tab with all the functionality from the old PeopleSoft portal (i.e., the old CMS Student Center), but now with single sign on. A third tab is the Academics tab, which provides access to those services related to teaching and learning.

A web portal for faculty and staff is planned for the future; in the meantime, faculty and staff will see the 2.0 version of their existing My Sac State faculty services when they enter My Sac State.

The new portal is built to be intuitive. Tutorials and help pages are also available for both the new portal and for
the various channels in the portal. Hard copy instructions are also available to provide users with a basic overview of the features and customizations available in My Sac State 2.0 – just ask the Help Desk.

This portal project is an important part of the University’s broader initiative to improve communications with students and to make their academic lives just a little easier. And this is just the “ground floor!” In the future, we hope the student Web Portal will be the “one-stop-shop” for all University services and communications students will need. The end goal is not only to improve communications, but to give the students increased control over how they consume services and information from the University. If you have suggestions for future portal services, please let us know your ideas.

My Sac State 2.0 - Click Here!

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