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SacFiles: Network Storage for Everyone

IRT has acquired and installed a very large campus-wide file storage system called a SAN (Storage Attached Network). Here’s why this system is important to you:

  • You can store your documents on the network and access them from anywhere
    IRT is beta testing a new process wherein the “My Documents” folder on your PC will now reside on the network. By storing your “My Documents” folder on a reliable network storage device, your files are automatically backed up on a regular basis, so faculty and staff will no longer have to worry about having good backups. The large size of our institutional storage array also means that storage space for individuals is practically unlimited. In addition, this approach promises simpler, more effective access to your work documents from network locations other than sitting in front of your PC. Our new Sacfiles capability will allow you to access your files from anywhere there’s a web connection. Such a deal!

  • Your Exchange (Outlook) e-mail will also gain more storage on the new file storage array
    While we’ll still ask that you work with us to clean out your unneeded files, your mail storage allocation will be increased from current levels and you’ll be able to ask for more space without hassle or bureaucracy. Increased quotas for e-mail will soon be much easier and straightforward to acquire, as they should be.

  • Storage space for all institutional needs
    The new SAN was built to hold 100,000 gigabytes of data, with expansion capability to several times that amount! While the above two uses are the first needs we’ll address, the new SAN will also provide storage for many other campus functions. Departments and colleges will be able to store their data on the network without having to invest in expensive new servers and storage. Expanded data needed for analysis of enrollment and related issues can be stored on the SAN and academic support projects such as building a digital repository of instructional materials can become a reality.

So “SacFiles” is a new noun with a very positive connotation! Watch for announcements as we roll out planned SacFiles functions this semester.

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