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Values for Information Technology at Sacramento State

by Information Resources and Technology

Values for Information Technology at Sacramento State
We Value... We Will Therefore...
...using information technology to solve educational problems, not just using technology for its own sake. ...focus on proven uses of technology, where evidence gives us confidence the technology is likely to solve our strategic educational problems. We will not follow technology fads without evidence of their potential for success.
...focusing our information technology resources on the primary mission of the university. ...consistently use our IT resources to support excellence in teaching, learning and research.
...strategic planning and striving to be fully supportive of shared institutional strategic goals. ...focus our resources on the key shared goals of improving recruitment/retention/graduation, evidence- based decision-making, and improvement of campus-wide engagement and communications.
...consideration of localized needs for diverse, unique, changing, and innovative IT applications. ...include consideration of local needs that diverge from those campus-wide needs in strategic planning and be mindful of innovations and unique solutions fostered by local IT resources.
...inclusiveness in IT planning by faculty, students and staff. ...plan collaboratively in a coordinated team approach, valuing careful listening to feedback and seeking input from across our campus.
...working collaboratively to promote increased efficiency and effectiveness.  ...carefully coordinate our resource planning for information technology, in order to avoid unnecessary duplication and cost of services.
...effective customer service in the provision of information technology to our campus.  ...make it easy for our faculty, staff and students to understand and use information technology services and will be attentive and responsive to user needs.
...equitable minimum standards for all in the availability of information technology resources. together to ensure there are not haves and have-nots on our campus in the availability of essential baseline IT resources.
...use of information technology to enhance communications campus-wide. ...enhance the e-mail, web, learning management, and portal services that are needed to improve campus-wide engagement and communication.
...use of effective methods of self-assessment for continuous improvement of IT processes. ...develop methods for assessing satisfaction with IT services, while also using that customer feedback to continuously improve IT services.
...providing accessibility to information technology services. ...provide equally effective access to all campus users of information technology, by effectively implementing Accessible Technology Initiative plans for Instructional Materials, Web Development, and Procurement.
...protecting the confidentiality, security, and privacy of the information entrusted to us. ...implement information security and privacy policies that will protect the identity and other confidential data of our faculty, staff, and students.
...sustainable uses of information technology. ...encourage ‘green’ IT practices campus-wide that will encourage conservation, and reduce costs.

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