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Using Measurements to Improve Service in Desktop Support

by Andy Schloss, Manager of Hardware and Software Support

The goal of the Hardware and Software Support department is to serve the students, faculty and staff of Sac State by keeping our computer related equipment working when and where it is needed. We plan to continue increasing efficiency and improving customer service by measuring and streamlining the work we do.

I don’t know who originally said, “What gets measured gets done,” but I have come to understand the wisdom of this. When we know exactly what we are doing, we will know exactly what to improve.

The Desktop Services Department Staff

Desktop Services Department. Top row left to right: Anthony Wiench, Richard Sterner, Ed Chong, Brad Grebitus. Bottom row left to right: Andy Schloss, Matthew Young, Nadia Mayard, Duane Rueb, Tuan Pham

Streamlining and simplifying processes reduces duplication and increases efficiency. We want our processes as simple as possible while accounting for the complexity of our challenges: keeping up with software vendors’ security patches, properly managing software licenses to stay in compliance with license agreements, and properly managing virus definitions to keep up to date with new viruses. In the words of Albert Einstein, “Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

The following are the current and future tools we will use to measure our progress and reduce complexity in managing our services:

HEAT – our Help Desk trouble-ticket tracking database ensures that we know what we need to focus on and tracks every problem to solution.

Customer Service Survey – Soon to be released, this five-question survey will tell us exactly what we can do to improve customer service.

KBOX – This campus-wide device will help us with the timely distribution of Microsoft Security Patches, manage our software licenses, and manage our hardware and software assets. We are currently creating the infrastructure to allow all colleges the ability to manage their own desktops using KBOX.

ePolicy Orchestrator – This software provided by McAfee Anti-Virus is helping us in distributing virus definitions to keep our desktops up to date. The software provides reporting capabilities we need to ensure all our desktops are protected.

How will we know we are improving our service to students, faculty and staff in terms of cost and efficiency? As we measure our progress and streamline our processes, we will publish our reports online so we all can see how we are progressing.

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