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Created With Students in Mind: IRT Presents the Student Technology Center

by Corrin Mattos, Interim Student Technology Center Coordinato

Have you ever needed a little extra guidance on technical issues for a student or group of students? Perhaps they have never used Excel or Photoshop before, or they do not understand how to correctly use Word to format a research document. Information Resources & Technology opened the new Student Technology Center (STC) on October 1, 2008 as part of our commitment to helping faculty help students overcome the technical challenges facing them during their college career.

The Student Technology Center is focused on assisting students with the use of computers and technology for their learning assignments. The Center will help give our students the necessary skills and tools to succeed in their college and future careers, where the ability to effectively use technology is often assumed. The brand new Student Technology Center is located in the AIRC building, room 3007, just above the second floor Helpdesk and AIRC main student computer lab. It will be a place where students can attend workshops, schedule one-on-one peer tutoring, group tutoring, and receive assistance on a walk-in basis. This is an opportunity for students to get specialized help or access to specific equipment otherwise not available across campus.

Student Technology Center Office

Caption: The Student Technology Center located in AIRC 3007

We want and need to hear from faculty members about their needs for training of students in the use of technology for class assignments. The activities of the Center (STC) are exclusively focused on assisting students with their work related to the curriculum. For that reason, it’s critical that we hear from faculty regarding the specific types of technology training that would help with instruction of students. That way, we can build the STC’s staffing and services in a way that’s matched to faculty needs.

The Student Technology Center office is outfitted with ten new Dell Optiplex computers. The software load includes Windows XP, Adobe Acrobat Professional 8.1, Dreamweaver CS3 and the entire Adobe suite of software, plus Microsoft Office Professional 2007, Visual Studio 2005 Professional, and much more. Future upgrades will include hardware and software to accommodate DVD authoring, video editing, and advanced graphic design. We’ll also add specialized software to the mix too as we learn more from faculty about training needs for students.

Students can feel free to walk in at anytime during normal business hours and make an appointment to see a student tutor; they may also pick up resources from the front desk, or find out more about upcoming workshops.
Faculty members interested in tailoring group training or targeted workshops for their classes are encouraged to call Corrin Mattos at 278-2261.

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