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A New Strategic Direction for Information Technology

by Larry Gilbert, Ph.D.
Vice President & Chief Information Officer

As this second edition of the IT newsletter goes to press, Sacramento State’s brand new IT Strategic Plan is being finalized by the campus-wide IT Steering Committee.  Even a quick perusal of that plan will let you know that there is a brand new focus to information technology services on campus.  The previous emphasis on technology itself and technology ‘infrastructure’ is being replaced by a collaborative effort to discern how technology can best be applied to solve our strategic institutional challenges.  We heard comments on the draft IT Strategic Plan from nearly all constituencies on campus, including feedback from comprehensive surveys and from more than one-hundred fifty people who attended our open forums for review of the plan.  In addition, specific feedback on information technology needs was solicited from divisions, deans, department chairs, the Faculty Senate, and through opportunities for open comment on-line.  The result is a truly collaborative effort that reflects wisdom about the use of information technology from across our campus.  If you haven’t already done so, I hope you will take the time to review the IT Strategic Plan and its associated planning materials at

This newsletter itself emphasizes all three of the key focal points of the new strategic plan.  First, a number of articles address how IT services from across campus are being re-focused to support teaching and learning activity.  A faculty member tells us how she uses the SacCT learning management system to enhance her teaching, ATCS describes an enhanced approach to the use of audience response clickers in the classroom, and the managers of IRT’s academic and administrative computing services describe some of the myriad ways their services have been better aligned with faculty and student needs.  The article on the many new student technology services available in the AIRC building highlights our renewed focus on enhancing the destination Student Experience at Sacramento State.  And, finally, articles on the new Service Desk and performance improvements in CMS demonstrate how we’re working with the campus to reduce costs and improve our efficiency in using IT services.

Information technology is not something that’s done for you (or to you) by one specific division like IRT. Rather, information technology is a resource that is critical to the teaching, learning, and work processes we all perform each day.  The IT Strategic Plan lays out an approach wherein we can all work together in a cooperative and collaborative fashion to ensure that IT meets as many of our collective strategic needs as possible.  We look forward to working together with you on this effort.

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