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Faculty/Staff Focused Service

by Maureen McQuestion, Director, IRT Service Desk

Maureen McQuestionFaculty and staff members will notice a more focused service when they use the new IRT Service Desk.  You will be able to quickly access help due to two new changes: a new support structure and a new call tree to assist faculty and staff to quickly access help to resolve their technology related problems.

The new support program utilizes specific Faculty/Staff Student Technology Consultants.  Three IRT Service Desk student employees, Dave Patton, Jon Mortimer, and Ali Davutoglu received intense special training during the semester break, enabling them to better understand and meet the needs of faculty and staff.  Dave, Jon, and Ali are excited about their new role in providing specialized help, and can be quickly reached in person due to new signage at the Service Desk.  These signs direct faculty and staff to a dedicated line serviced by the trio.  The new traffic flow eliminates the need to wait in a single, sometimes long line.

The second enhancement, a new phone call tree, will go into effect this spring.  When you dial x87337, you will hear new options. 

The first option allows faculty to report real-time classroom technology problems.  Press #1 and your call is given highest priority.  

For example, a call for priority classroom help goes quickly to Service desk staff members, who note the location and nature of the problem and contact information.  The Classroom and Lab Services unit is then immediately contacted to dispatch assistance to the classroom.  If the expertise of the desktop support group or a college ITC is required, that group is also contacted directly and dispatched immediately.  These changes are designed to restore your teaching and working environment as quickly as possible.  As this goes to press, our intent is that all faculty and staff be experiencing more responsive classroom technology and other technology assistance. 

The IRT Service Desk will be carefully evaluating the impact these two changes have on resolving faculty and staff problems.  At the same time, the search is on to identify more IRT Service Desk improvements.  If you have an idea or a suggestion, please email  The IRT Service Desk always welcomes your feedback.

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