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Faculty and Staff Can Create and Manage an E-mail Alias (Nickname)

by Ted Koubiar
Director of Operations & System Services

Currently SacLink usernames can only be up to 8 characters, so to create a user friendly email address users can create an e-mail alias.  This alias does not replace the SacLink username; it simply personalizes the e-mail address based on the individual's name.  The alias allows the faculty or staff members to have an e-mail address in the form ''.  For example, if John Smith's SacLink username is js01, the default e-mail address would be  An alias email address for this address can be  Plans are underway to upgrade the SacLink system to create longer and more user friendly usernames so that aliases will not be needed in the future.

To create an alias, follow the steps given on the SacLink documentation page at:

  1. Open up a web browser and go to:

  2. Under the title “Using SacLink” Click on “Saclink Utilities”

  3. At the bottom of the page follow the instructions for:
    Create/Modify E-Mail Alias (Accessible only to Faculty and Staff members)

Users need to login to the Saclink utility ( to be able to use SacLink utilities.

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