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AIRC – A 24-Hour Place to Study and Learn

by Nadia Mayard
ITC Expert

From Late Night Study to group project work spaces and equipment, the ARC building has four floors full of what students need!

“I love the ARC building!” says College of Business Administration Senior, Jennifer Lawson-Monopoli, as she sets her MacBook on an available desk in the first floor study area of the AIRC building, plugs it into the outlet and within seconds has logged into her Saclink account.  “I love that it’s so easy to get here, especially on the weekends, because you can park right there and don’t have to truck all the way across campus with a heavy backpack.”  Like many full-time students here at Sacramento State, Jennifer also has to contend with a full-time work schedule and therefore has to get creative with her study times. With a wide variety of computer lab and study areas in the AIRC building alone, and all accessible at almost any time of the day or week, it’s easier than ever for students like Jennifer to have access to the technology tools they need to succeed.

The ARC, as the AIRC Building next to the Union is affectionately called, has many advantages for students.  All in one place, students can find individual or group work and study areas, the IRT Service Desk, multiple computer labs, the new Student Technology Center, ubiquitous wireless access, the Honors Center, and technology assisted classrooms.

All four floors of the AIRC building boast comfortable and functional seating arrangements in open study areas that run the length of the building.  These areas are replete with ergonomic furniture, white erase boards, power outlets and ubiquitous wireless access.  The contemporary yet elegant design, with plenty of natural light, provides a calm environment, conducive to contemplative study, productive teamwork or simple relaxation between classes.  The best part of all these resources?  Says Business Administration student, Brandy Hunt, “In many of the labs you can’t have food or drinks, which makes it tough to have long study sessions without losing steam, or battery power.  Here you can run over to the Union for a coffee or pizza and bring it back with you and just keep going. It makes a huge difference!”

Students have 24 x 6 access to the general university computer lab in AIRC 2004 (it’s closed for maintenance every Friday night only), which boasts an impressive 104 student use computers, two high capacity black and white printers, a color printer and a black and white scanner, all with easy OneCard access.  This is one of the most widely used labs on campus, as anyone who has visited can attest!  So popular is the lab, we encourage you to check availability ahead of time through our LabStats reporting tool at  A significant benefit to this application is the access to lab usage statistics campus-wide.  According to our statistics, from the Fall semester of 2008, IRT lab usage makes up 60% of all the lab usage on the whole campus, with a massive 1,397,993 pages printed during the Fall of 2008!

In the event that a student has difficulty using any aspect of technology while in the building, the newly remodeled Student Help Desk is clearly marked and conveniently located just outside the second floor lab to provide prompt assistance.  The new invitingly open floor plan is fully staffed with both student assistants and regular staff ready to check students in and help them with problem resolution.  Students can also participate in the Laptop Loan program here, checking out laptops for up to four hours for use anywhere on campus!  We recently added 32 laptops, bringing the total up to 64 in AIRC.

The newly opened Student Technology Center in AIRC 3007 is another wonderful avenue for assistance to students, offering hands-on training with a variety of programs, from Adobe Acrobat to Photoshop to SPSS.  Again IR&T staff show consideration for students with full-time jobs or inflexible schedules, making these services available from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Fridays.  For more information on the services provided by the Student Technology Center, contact Corrin Mattos at

In addition to the dedicated facilities for student use, the AIRC building also houses several technology assisted classrooms.  Faculty can reserve this room on a recurring basis to meet their class needs, and students can use the rooms when they’re not in use for regularly scheduled classes. 

As you can see, the AIRC and IRT provide a plethora of services targeted at students, making the building a highly desirable, pleasant and effective place to be.

September October November December
Logons Users Logons Users Logons Users Logons Users
ARC 2004
(IRT Lab)
33,961 6,723 36,228 6,960 28,144 6,323 23,293 5,989
ARC 3008
(STC Lab)
375 143 629 178 771 264 967 337
ARC 2005
(Laptop Loan)
1,982 366 1,374 300 2,340 473 2,003 462
ARC 2011
(SSWD Lab)
563 62 685 86 635 70 542 70

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