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Quick Tips for Improving Computer Performance

by Andrew Stiffler, Dave Patton, and Larry Vu (IRT Student Assistants)

Quick Tip: Adding students to SacCT:

Click on <current> course > Select Teach view > Select Grade Book on the side menu bar > select Enroll Student

Student’s SacLink User Name is required

Quick Tip: Saving documents:

Remember to select ‘Save’ or ‘Save as’ when opening documents in a web browser. Selecting ‘Open’ or ‘Open with’ may save items to temporary or hard to find locations, making them difficult to recover later. Generally items should be saved to either the desktop or to your home folder.

Remember, if you are unsure of any of the steps or tips listed above contact the University Helpdesk at 916-278-7337, or contact your ITC.

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