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MySacState Classic Retires!

by Dan Biondi, Web Portal Coordinator

The My Sac State 2.0 portal is finally here and the old Classic version is now retired!  My Sac State Classic, based on limited functions in a PeopleSoft portal, served the campus well for the last two years and has now passed the baton on to version 2.0.  During the ten months of transition between the portals, much testing and feedback occurred.  As a result, My Sac State 2.0 was carefully refined to add features that are most needed by users across campus.  Under the leadership of a Portal Strategy Team composed of representatives from across campus, My Sac State 2.0 positions the campus for marked improvements in communication.  For faculty and staff, the 2.0 portal mostly provides the same features as the classic version, but in a sleeker and faster format.  The 2.0 portal underwent extensive testing, indicating that on average, during peak load, My Sac State 2.0 serves up a page in just under one second.  This is significantly faster performance than with the Classic version.

Most of the new features of My Sac State 2.0 were targeted at students.  This new version of our portal experienced a surge in student registration use for Spring '09.  During the registration period, about 75% of portal users used My Sac State 2.0 instead of the old version, indicating wide voluntary adoption.  This level of usage clearly indicated that most campus users moved over to the new portal when both portals were still available.  Some of the new functionality currently being considered by the Portal Strategy Team for the student portal include access to various services  within the Library, and a "Did You Know?" channel highlighting campus services and trivia.  In addition, a Home tab will be added for faculty and staff.  Look for these and other features in the coming semesters.

We’ve heard comments that, although the portal might be faster, the underlying CMS performance is still the same.  The article in this edition of the newsletter about CMS performance indicates that progress has been made on CMS performance also.  The work on the 2.0 portal will ensure that the portal and CMS will work well together to improve, rather than impede performance.  Most importantly, our My Sac State 2.0 is much more prepared to address the campus' performance needs than Classic, is already widely accepted across campus, and is already providing a much higher degree of integration with other IT systems.

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