Cabling costs for campus network connectivity

A service ticket with the appropriate speedtype or chartstring is required to generate an estimate and subsequently start the cabling task.  Data cabling service requests are generally completed within 10 working days after approval of the job estimate by the customer. Jobs requiring special conduit or construction work will require additional time and costs to complete.

Jack Qty Cable type +Estimated Cost
1 CAT 6 $291.04
2 CAT 6 $532.63
3 CAT 6 $711.23
4 CAT 6 $752.58
1 CAT 5e $274.14
2 CAT 5e $384.11
3 CAT 5e $460.70
4 CAT 5e $525.42

+ This is an estimate, and the costs will vary based on:

  • Conduit requirements for wiring path
  • Pathway construction that might require facilities work prior to wire installation
  • Cable type based on existing cabling in each building
  • Cable installations are based on a 200 foot per wire run
  • Cable type will be selected based on existing wiring infrastructure in the facility