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Virtual Server Hosting

The Virtual Infrastructure is provided by OSS uses VMWare ESX on redundant servers supported by a NetApp storage applicant system to host Windows or Linux servers.

Specifications for each virtual server (VMWare Guest) are selected from a menu of CPU capacity, maximum committed RAM and amount of storage required.

Changes to this configuration can be requested at any time.

Department system administrators will have the same administrative rights as if they were hosting their own server and are expected to manage their virtual server as such.

The ability to create one snapshot of each VMWare Guest is included. This can be useful when troubleshooting a problem or testing software upgrades. Note: this does not replace backups.

Backup services consisting of one full backup each week with daily incrementals are available for each VM Guest.

The disk store (which includes backups) is replicated off-campus for disaster recovery purposes. If an incident causes an extended outage, servers will be restored on a reduced capacity off-site system until the on-campus environment is restored. (Coming soon)

For departments that require multiple servers, a pool of resources can be assigned. The departmental administrator can then manage the Resource Pool, allocating CPU, RAM and storage assigned to the pool as needed.

Help with migration of an existing physical server to a virtual server is included.