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Housed in the Academic Information Resources Center, Information Resources & Technologys' (IRT) Operations division oversees the IRT Data Center. The Data Center houses the equipment that provides data, voice and media technology, linking the campus community with the world.


  • The IRT Data Center operates 24 hours every day of the year.
  • The Center houses devices that constantly monitor critical equipment and applications and notifies appropriate staff in case of trouble.
  • The Center is protected by recorded audio and video surveillance.
  • Sensitive areas are electronically protected with proximity locks and alarm systems linked directly to the campus police dispatcher.
  • The Center houses devices that monitor the physical environment to protect against anomalies in temperature, humidity or power, guard against water intrusion and detect other physical threats to the Center’s equipment.
  • Temperature and humidity are controlled by seven dual-source air conditioning units operating on either chilled water or compressed gas.
  • To protect against power loss, much of the Data Center’s equipment is served by dual-fed power sources with additional redundancies built into the equipment itself.
  • All the Data Center’s equipment is protected from short power disruptions with dual 300kVA Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems.
  • In case of a longer interruption in the Center’s external power supply, a 1,500 brake horsepower generator can supply power for an extended period of time.
  • Should the generator fail to start, the UPS system will allow adequate time for restoration of generator or external power or, in the worst case, a graceful shutdown of critical equipment.


  • Automatic Test Scoring and Data Conversion
  • Data Backup and Offsite Data Security
  • Departmental Server Hosting
  • Printing (high-volume laser, labels, greenbar)