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PrintSmart Instructions

The system is easy to use. Students will print their work from a workstation as they normally would. They will then proceed to the print release station located in that room, swipe their OneCard, select the print job they wish to print, then release their print job. Their work will be printed on the laser printer located next to the print release station.

Lab Printing

Use when on a campus computer

  • Choose to print to either the PrintSmart BW or PrintSmart Color printer, depending upon the type of print you need.

  • Go to the PrintSmart print release station nearby.

  • Swipe your OneCard left or right through the reader, magnetic stripe down.

  • Find your print job in the list.

  • The cost of your print job will appear on the screen.
    Note: Be sure the job cost matches what you expect. No refunds given for blank or unwanted pages.

  • Click the Print button to release your job to the adjacent printer.

Web Printing

(Use when on your personal laptop.)

  • Print from the website
  • No downloads
  • Limited printing options

1. Visit

2. Log in to the system using your SacLink ID and password.

Log In

3. Make sure you are on the tab titled "My Print Jobs".

My Print Jobs

4. Browse to the file you wish to print and click on Next to upload it to the system.

Choose File

5. Select the correct printer you want to print to (black/white or color).

Select Printer

6.When the system states your print job was sent successfully, you may retrieve your print from any standard PrintSmart printer on campus with your OneCard.

Retrieve Print

7. When you are finished, be sure to log out.

Log Out

Driver Printing

(use when on your personal laptop.)

  • No login required
  • Faster
  • One-time setup
  • Advanced printing options

Note: Print jobs not printed will automatically be removed from the print list after 4 hours.