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PrintSmart Instructions

Students can send their print job from a Lab Computer or upload it to the PrintSmart mobile site. The student can then release the job from one of the forty-eight PrintSmart devices on campus. They swipe their OneCard and select the job they wish to print. Their job will be printed immediately.

Lab Printing

Use when on a campus computer

  • Choose to print to either the PrintSmart BW or PrintSmart Color printer, depending upon the type of print you need.

  • Go to the PrintSmart device nearby.

  • Swipe your OneCard through the reader, magnetic stripe down.

  • Find your print job in the list.

  • The cost of your print job will appear on the screen.
    Note: Be sure the job cost matches what you expect. No refunds given for blank or unwanted pages.

  • Click the Print button to release your job to the adjacent printer.

Web Printing

Features and limitations of Web Printing

  • Print from the website - No need to install printer drivers
  • Only prints the following document types -  Microsoft Office Documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), PDF Documents, Image Files (JPEG, TIF, BMP, PNG, GIF), Microsoft XPS.
  • Limited printing options. Prints entire document, single sided.

1. Visit 

2. Log in to the system using your SacLink ID and password.


3. Left Click  "Submit Job".


4. Select "PaperCutBW" for black and white documents and "PaperCut Color" for color documents.

Then click "Print options and Account Selection".

Printer Selection

5.Select the number of copies desired and click "Upload Document".

6. Click "Upload from Computer" a window will appear.  Locate the file you would like to print.  

Then click "Upload & Complete".


7. It may take 10-30 seconds for the file to upload. Once the file has uploaded the status will change from "Submitting" to "Held in Queue". After status has changed go to any print release device on Campus to release your print job.

Please Note:

  • Web Printing will only work on campus or if you are connected through Saclink Secure wireless network.
  • At this time web printing cannot accept printing jobs greater than 100MB
  • The rendering queue can be long during peak times

Note: Print jobs not printed will automatically be removed from the print list after 3 hours.