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 Project Management Training

Instructor Led Training:

We have new opportunities to enhance your skills!  The following classes are offered by our office on request:

  • Project Management Basics- 6 hours (standalone class)
  • Creating a Work Breakdown Structure- 1.5 hours (standalone class)
  • Facilitating a Lessons Learned Session- 1.5 hours (standalone class)
  • Risk Management Planning- 2.5 hours (stand alone class)

These classes can be structured as stand-alone classes, or can be given in conjunction with actual project work.  For instance, if you have a new project and want your team to have some training in creating a work breakdown structure, we will do a combination class/work breakdown structure creation session so that you pick up skills while working on your project!

Please let us know if you are interested in a particular class - stand alone or with a project team.  We will try to schedule the classes around work/project schedules.  Email us to arrange your next training session.

Training Videos:

  • All Project Participants:
  • Campus Community:
  • Project Managers: