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Email Upgrade Troubleshooting

Office 365 > Troubleshooting 

This page will help you with any problems you may have during the email migration. 

My Sac State

Most of the problems with using My Sac State can be fixed by making sure you are using a compatible browser. Visit the Browser Compatibility page to see if your browser is compatible.

Email in the process of migrating

Your email is being migrated

If you see this screen your email is in the process of being migrated.  If after two hours you are still receiving this error please try signing out and in again. Contact the IRT Service Desk if you are still receiving this error after 4 hours.  

Still getting old version of email after being migrated

Old version of email

To fix this error simply log out of My Sac State and log back in again.  If you are still receiving this error clear your browser cookies and cache.

Mobile Device

iPhone can't connect to server

iPhone can not connect to server

Check out the iPhone page to make sure you updated all your settings properly. 

Andoid phone can't connect to server

android sending error

Visit the Android page to make sure you have properly set up your email 


Outlook for Windows or Mac wants to configure

autodiscover mac auto discover

Click "Allow" to let Outlook reconfigure your account with the new settings. 

Contact the IRT Service Desk

If you still need help please contact the IRT Service Desk.