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Technology Procurement

Accessibility and Security reviews are required as part of the University's effort to comply with the state and federal laws that require campuses within the CSU system to meet accessibility and security guidelines.

Technology Procurement Request

Planning to purchase technology equipment or software? This is the first step in that process. Sacramento State is required to comply with certain federal and state guidelines, but more than that, the University wants to assure that anyone who is admitted to the university or works for the university has no physical constraints in pursuing their education or in being able to fulfill their responsibilities. In order to facilitate that effort, the University has created this form to complete when a purchase is planned for technology to be utilized on campus.

The University cannot guarantee 100% compliance with all needs and concerns, but every effort will be made to achieve compliance or alternatively, accommodation.

This Technology Procurement form is intended to document that process and enable those who are planning a technology purchase to complete the process as expeditiously as possible. Please note that the assumption of responsibility for making an ATI compliant purchase will now rest largely with the purchase requestor instead of Procurement or IRT. This assumption of responsibility is a change from former practices.

In the event of a high-impact purchase request, the staff handling the ATI procurement processes may need to work directly with you, the purchase requestor, to complete an appropriate purchase; however, this should not be a common practice, but rather an uncommon situation.