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Workshops held in AIRC 3007.


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Workshops Information

Student Technology Center Workshops help students to learn technology and software programs that they are required to use in classes and complete course work. Each workshop is led by knowledgeable student staff who provide both hands on demonstration and one-on-one instruction.

Workshops are typically delivered in the STC Teaching Lab, AIRC 3007. Although you are not required to register, we encourage you to do so to ensure a seat in the lab. Unless otherwise noted, workshops are 50 minutes in length and do not require you to bring your supplies. As always, this and other IRT services are free of charge for students of Sacramento State.


Description: This workshop introduces basic concepts and skills needed to record and edit multi-track audio recordings for the purposes of broadcasting or streaming.



Description: This is the beginners workshop for Excel to learn the basics. You will be taught how to create, save and edit spreadsheets, format cells, enter basic arithmetic functions, etc. The intermediate and advanced workshops will pickup where the last left off.





Excel Charts/Graphs Basics (For Collaboration)


Description: In this workshop you will learn how to use SacLink Account Utilities to enable your personal student web page. You will be taught how to effectively manage images, video, audio and other components that make up your web page and become familiar with basic web editing tasks. You will also become familiar with the accessibility elements to include in your web page and how to make your web page available for public view.



Description: In this fun hands-on workshop, you will create your first video with easy to use iMovie. You will capture digital video footage, cut segments, add photos, text and transitions. Considerations for recording and playback will be discussed. No prior digital editing experience is necessary.


iMovie Video Samples


Description: Develop your skills in Illustrator. You will become familiar with the program and concepts, learn how to size objects, insert text boxes, use the tools, etc. In the advanced workshop learn how to design a brochure or poster form start to finish.



Description: Become familiar with InDesign's basic workspace, settings, and capabilities. In addition, this workshop will familiarize you with the basic tools needed to create a newsletter or magazine article layout featuring both text and graphics.



Description: You will be taught how to open, save, and edit a photo, gain basic editing skills, navigate the toolbar, and create layers. In the advanced workshop you will learn how to remove objects and retouch photos.



Description: You will be taught how to create, save, and edit a presentation, implement a master slide, format the layout, and print slides. In the intermediate workshop learn how to embed videos and add transitions.



Description: Learn about the Blackboard interface and tools. 



Description: Learn how to set up your computer so that you can get on the wireless network with ease.


SPSS: Introduction

Description: In this course, students will learn how to navigate the different views and windows in SPSS, how to enter data collected from a sample study/survey directly into the SPSS data editor window, how to do some basic formatting of that data in SPSS, how to perform some basic descriptive statistics such as Frequencies and cross tabs, and how to save/copy/export the data, analysis results, and charts.


Files for Workshop

SPSS: Intermediate

Description: In this workshop, students will learn how to import existing data from Excel into SPSS or from an SPSS data file .sav. We will go over how to manage a data set in SPSS e.g. Sorting or Transforming data variables in the Data View, learn the menu/options to select in SPSS to run the appropriate analysis types we need (Descriptive or Inferential Analysis types) for a sample assignment like Standard Deviation, Correlation, T-test, Chi-square and ANOVA, how to navigate through the Output Window after running an analysis and how to save and/or export work.


Files for Workshop

Example for Prof. DeGannes


Description: The STC is proud to offer the Thesis & Project Formatting workshop series as a resource for graduate students who are writing their theses, projects, and dissertations. Each workshop is hands-on and specially designed to teach you each step in the formatting process with Office Word 2010. We worked with almost 100 grad students in the 2010-11 school year and are excited to start a new school year working with you.



Turnitin is an online plagiarism checker that you may have to submit your assignments to. In this workshop learn about Turnitin and how to submit assignments.



Description: This is the beginners workshop for Word to learn the basics. You will be taught how to create, save and edit a document, set margins and tabs, apply different fonts, etc. The intermediate and advanced workshops will go over more advanced formatting techniques.


Windows Movie Maker

Description: Use Windows Live Movie Maker to create a movie by combining multiple clips into one, adding text, and other visual effects.


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