STC Workshops

Thesis & Project Formatting Series

Please Note Before Attending

We use Office Word 2010 for Windows

  • Your software may differ, but the concepts are the same

Know your department's manuscript style!

  • We use APA 6th edition for example, but you may not
  • If you don't know ask your advisor (e.g. Chicago, MLA, IEEE, etc.)

Workshops should be taken in sequence

  • Attend modules 1-3 as early as possible
  • Attend modules 4 & 5 towards submission day

The STC is proud to offer the Thesis & Project Formatting workshop series as a resource for graduate students who are writing their theses, projects, and dissertations. Each workshop is hands-on and specially designed to teach you each step in the formatting process with Office Word 2010. We worked with almost 100 grad students in the 2010-11 school year and are excited to start a new school year working with you.


Workshop Modules Information



Module 1.
Introduction to Document Formatting

Teaches you our formatting methodology and what to expect from the workshops and the Student Tech Center.

Length: 30 mins.

Module 2.
Styles and Outline

Teaches you how to format your document easily using styles, view your document as an outline, and identify and fix formatting problems easily.

Length: 45 mins.

Module 3.

Teaches you how to caption images, charts and tables properly using captions. The content in this workshop is required to automate your lists of tables and figures.

Length: 45 mins.

Module 4.
Page Layout and Numbering

Guides you step-by-step through the complicated process of formatting your page numbers. This is the most common area of difficulty for students because of the long sequence of steps required.

Length: 50 mins.

Module 5.
Final Formatting

Walks you through the final steps of formatting your document, including inserting your table of contents, list of tables, and list of figures. This culminating workshop is predicated on the content in Modules 1-3.

Length: 50 mins.


"I'm referring all of my friends..." - Sac State Grad Student, Spring 2011
"Such a big help. Instructor was friendly and knowledgeable!" - Sac State Grad Student, Spring 2011

Frequently Asked Questions

To answer other questions, contact the Student Tech Center at or 916.278.2364

Unformatted Sample Document

An unformatted sample document for use during the workshops. Click here to download!

Title Pages Format

You may copy and paste these preformatted title pages into your document in order to reduce formatting time. Click here to download!