PrintSmart Assistant


Position:: Student Assistant Level II
Starting Salary: $12.00
Hours: 15 to 20 hours per week*
To Apply: Application

Duties and Responsibilities:

Students work with IRT staff to provide PrintSmart support work to ensure the smooth operation of all PrintSmart managed printers (primarily in student computer labs). Each PrintSmart Assistant works with IRT staff to assist with the following duties:

  • Maintain an accurate inventory of paper, toner and other printer supplies required to ensure minimal equipment down-time.
  • Deliver paper, toner and other supplies to printer locations.
  • Monitor basic printer-related issues using tracking and alert software, as directed.
  • Assist with creation, update and distribution of timely and periodic usage, maintenance and inventory reports for staff review.
  • Identify, document and notify staff of problems requiring escalation.
  • Ensure that all support tasks are completed in an efficient, timely manner.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • A dedication to providing excellent service to University Faculty, Students and Staff, in accordance with our core values.
  • A solid work ethic and a commitment to the agreed hours and terms of employment.
  • Familiarity with campus layout and organization.
  • Reliable time management skills.
  • Clear communication in English speaking, writing, grammar, listening and comprehension.  
  • The ability to work in a busy, challenging, pressured environment while maintaining a professional demeanor.
  • Excellent interpersonal and customer service skills.
  • The ability to sit, stand, walk, kneel, bend, reach overhead and lift up to 50 lbs.
  • The ability and willingness to act courteously, responsibly and with the utmost professionalism.
  • Familiarity with or willingness to learn new technology, including, but not limited to, new operating systems, new software products, and adaptive hardware/software for students with disabilities.
  • A working knowledge of, or willingness to learn, Windows operating systems, including Windows7, and the Microsoft Office 2010 Suite and/or
  • A working knowledge of, or willingness to learn, Macintosh operating systems, including OSX, and the iLife, iWork and other Apple product suites supported at the university level by IR&T.
  • Experience with or willingness to learn Service-now, a call ticket resolution program.
  • Familiarity with SacLink, including ID authentication processes, login/password need, etc.
  • The ability to solve problems.
  • The ability and willingness to follow instructions with minimal supervision.

Application to Apply

* Student assistants are eligible but not guaranteed to work up to 40 hours per week when the school is not in session.