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Campus Wireless Access

Status: Resolved

Down time start: Friday, October 4th, 2013, 11:00 AM

System restore time: unknown

On Friday morning, October 4, 2013 the certificate that validates your access to the campus wireless network will be upgraded to new and required security standards.  This update may result in your being asked to accept the new security certificate before you can proceed to access our campus wireless network.
If you wish to prepare in advance for this required change for wireless access, please simply go to and select "Automatic Setup". This will install the new certificate ahead of time, allowing you to not be affected by Friday's change. If you do not set up your device in advance, you can simply accept the certificate when prompted (e.g., click on Yes, OK, Accept) and you will then be able to use the campus wireless network. 
If you have any difficulties, please visit the wireless FAQs at or contact the IRT Service Desk at AIRC 2005 or 916.278.7337. As always, comments or questions can be referred at any time to
**Note: If you do not have administrative rights to your work computer that attaches to our wireless network you will likely not be able to accept the new certificate without assistance. Please check with your department IT resource or the IRT Service Desk for information on how to proceed.  
Certificates validate your access to campus IT servers over the campus network; by updating this certificate we are providing you with the most up to date security for protecting your private information. For the technically curious… What are Digital Certificates?