Flipped Learning

The Student Technology Center has changed how it provides technology workshops. We are excited to announce our new flipped learning model, delivered through our upcoming online learning portal.

Technology continues to evolve, and as it changes, so must how we teach it to our students to best meet their needs and ensure success. Enter flipped learning – how Sac State will now deliver technology training. Flipped learning accomplishes two very important goals: provides flexible, on-demand resources for your students, and better supports your pedagogical needs by taking training ‘offline’ from your instructional time.

Why use flipped learning?

In the flipped course model, Instructors record their lectures or use open-source resources to provide the lecture content. Students can view the videos and complete a short assessment of their content understanding before coming to class. One obvious advantage of this approach is that students complete the required preparation at their own pace and at a time that works best for them.

During class, the instructor functions as a facilitator, coaching, advising, answering questions and addressing misconceptions in real time. The remainder of the class is spent in active learning, so students and Instructors interact with each other. Most "flipped teachers" think this is the most important aspect of the flipped model.

  • Short video instruction can be accessed anytime and anywhere, allowing students to review basic concepts to support their learning.
  • Students can focus on the assignment and ask meaningful questions, without the technology being a barrier.
  • Technology learning happens outside of your instructional time, and students can focus on learning your content within the classroom.
  • Build foundational technology skills for more advanced topics with technology.

Flipped learning technology resources

Our learning portal of flipped learning technology lessons is being rolled out shortly.

Until then, here are a few samples of flipped learning resources.

What if my students need additional support?

  • We will still offer open technology workshops and drop-in support in AIRC 2004, voted by our students as the "Best at Sac State" computer lab.

  • We’d love for you to help us communicate this process to your students in the fall – we’ll be sending out more information and where you can access the learning materials, which you can then add to your syllabi!
  • We are also continue to provide faculty support and training via appointment.