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Google Analytics

Google Analytics reports are available to all websites hosted on the main campus webserver. There is no charge for this service. Web Services is using Google Analytics to provide this service to the campus.

While this requires a Google account, such an account is free, and can be tied to any email address (it doesn't have to be a gmail account). Google Analytics works by putting a JavaScript tag on your page (or preferably a template) that communicates with Google. Pages created using the Web Content Management system (WCM) are tracked by Google Analytics, and it is advised to keep this on all pages (you can always add more than one Google Analytics code to a page).

If your site has the following code:

                var pageTracker = _gat._getTracker("UA-798015-1");
< script type= "text/javascript"> try{;}catch(e){} </ script>

you can receive summary reports emailed to you regarding the usage of your site.

Requesting a Google Analytics Report

We offer Google Analytics Reports for websites hosted on the campus webserver ( The owner of the website that is being requested will be notified of the request. Summary reports can be emailed monthly or quarterly.

Google Analytics Request Form

Analytics Request Information

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