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Accessibility Policy

The California State University is required to provide equivalent access to technology for all students, faculty, and staff. The requirement is contained in Section 508 of the federal Rehabilitation Act and applied to the CSU by SB302. Additional information on the accessibility page.

In Fall 2006, the Chancellor's Office launched the Accessibile Technology Initiative (ATI) to improve access to education systemwide. The first priority of the ATI is web accessibility, which states that all webpages at all Cal State institutions must be Section 508 compliant.

This page is advisory until adopted. It is not an official policy.

To meet this requirement, Sac State encourages all information providers to follow accessibility best practices and attend training offered through ATCS.

Additionally, all information providers should contact the webmaster with a list of what sites they edit and who else is responsible for editing them. This cataloging of sites and information providers is important as Web Services works over the coming years to ensure all pages are accessible. Information providers may reach the webmaster via email.

All pages on the domain will be monitored by the AccMonitor server at some point in the future. This monitoring will provide information providers quick access to reports about their site.