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Systemwide Policies & Initiatives

The Chancellor's Office has two major initiatives that affect how information providers construct their pages, forms, and applications. Because these are systemwide programs, information providers can be assured that there is ample support achieving them. However, this also means that participation is mandatory, and that all information providers are expected to comply with the provisions of each program (if applicable).

Accessible Technology Initiative

The ATI began in 2006 and has as its ultimate goal that all technology, be it on the web, instructional materials, or hardware/software, be accessible or available in alternate formats by 2012. The Web Accessibility priority specifically requires that all webpages in the Cal State system be accessible.

To assist this process, there is a Web Accessibility Specialist in IRT who is dedicated to supporting information providers achieve their ATI goals. Because Sacramento State has adopted a community responsibility to providing access to the University, information providers can be sure that they have resources both in IRT, around campus, and in the Chancellor's Office.


The Chancellor's Office has also instituted a policy to ensure that all information systems on campuses systemwide are secure, tested, and robust.

For more information about this initiative, contact the Information Security Office or the Information Security Officer, Jeff Williams.