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This page uses a lot of lists. On the left, the menus are lists. At the top, the global navigation beginning with "sac state home" is a list. The table of contents that jumps to a different part of the page is a list. Lists are frequently used, but rarely marked up correctly. Instead, many writers will use an image as a bullet, then hit enter to create a new paragraph. Instead, use one of the list types to make sure the content is represented correctly.

The two types of lists are ordered and unordered. Unordered lists are great for menus (after all, a menu is just a list of choices) and tips, while ordered lists can be used for outlines or instructions. One of the benefits of using the ordered list for instructions is that authors don't need to type numbers for steps - the page will automatically number each item.

Correctly using lists will make your site more accessible, but will also make it much easier for all users to scan the page and get the strong points, just like using headings. And if you do use a list, consider using a heading immediately before it.