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1. Sign into the WCM, select IRT from the upper most dropdown menu then navigate to /systemstatus/systems in the left column area.


2. Pick the system directory that you want to update the status of (in this example we will choose wireless)


3. Next select the issues directory then navigate up to:

New menu item > System Announcements/System Status/System Status Message from the top drop down menu.



4. This brings us to a new page which will allow us to setup the system status update. First we need to update the name fields.

1. System Name - This is a the URL title for the issue page. This should be a hyphenated title.

2. Message Title - This is a (human readable title) for the name of the issue you want to report.


5. Specific Page info

1. Next you can update the optional ‘Down Time Start/Down Time End’ if you have this info.

2. Issue Status- Select Unresolved, Resolved, or Informative.

3. View Status (Current/Archive) if appropriate.

Note- Selecting Current will put this status message on the System Status Homepage.
After the issue has been updated to Resolved or is no longer current, it is important to set the View Status to Archive.
This ensures the System Status Homepage displays only relevant, timely information.

4. Write a brief description of the issue.

5. When you are finished click on the submit button.


6. After hitting submit you see the success page and you can review what you added in the earlier steps.

(If you need to edit this info then you can click the edit tab.)


7. Next you can update the (stop light) status feature that shows up on the systems availability left column of the status page.

1. Click on the index page file within the parent directory of the system you are updating.

2. Then click the edit tab.


8. Now you can pick the appropriate radio button for the system status (this is what controls the (stop light) feature.

Pick either Available, Not Available or Intermittent.

9. The “Include in Systems Available Menu” radio buttons controls whether or not your issue shows up in the Systems Availability menu.


10. After making these updates click submit to save your changes.


11. In order for all of your updates to go live. You need to publish your changes.

Navigate to the parent systemstatus directory select it then click the publish tab.


12. Finally click submit to publish your changes. 


After these steps your issue status will be live and visible on The System Status Availability stop light menu can also be accessed from My Sac State.