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Information Resources and Technology

Web Services

Campus Web Resources

There are options to consider when building University campus webpages. The size and complexity of the site, frequency of updates, as well the level of skill of the content manager should be considered before selecting an option.

Web Content Management (WCM)

The campus supports a central Web Content Management System (WCM). The system is available for official campus colleges, departments, units and programs. The WCM is a web-based application accessed through a browser. You can use any of the major browsers; Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari. The ideal sites to be managed by the WCM include static pages without database driven content.

Web Development 

For sites that may not fit in the WCM, websites can created using the Web Style Guide as a starting point. Custom web development projects are also considered based on size, relevance to University strategic mission and resources.


SacCT is the campus Learning Management System. Instructors are able to create web pages available only for their students. For more information regarding creating pages in the SacCT system visit