Dahlquist New IRT Faculty Technology Fellow


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In higher education, many are familiar with the term “Faculty Fellow.” But what does a Faculty Technology Fellow do? In the words of Professor Dennis Dahlquist – IRT’s inaugural Faculty Technology Fellow – “it’s an opportunity to more officially leverage my ‘multi-hat’ expertise to benefit teaching and learning at Sacramento State.” 

An Intellectual Tinkerer
Software and hardware developer. Professor and mentor. Technology strategist, consultant and practitioner. Dahlquist, faculty in the College of Engineering & Computer Science, Electrical Engineering Department and Computer Engineering program, brings a well-rounded view of the challenges and opportunities involved in delivering technology into higher education. “I’ve been working behind the scenes for many years, and have been connected to IRT in various ways, as well as through my students (many who now work in the division!). As the IRT Faculty Technology Fellow, I’m excited to bring greater awareness of available technology tools to my colleagues and the students we teach. When we look at how we can assist and transform the learning environment, technology lends itself to creative, and scalable, opportunities in the classroom.”

For 15 years, Dennis has served as a Center for Teaching and Learning Faculty mentor, and is active at the Chancellor's Office – serving as lead Engineering Faculty for the Chancellor's Office Course Redesign with Technology, and co-lead of the Chancellor's Office Virtual Labs, among other research pursuits. He also consults in the private sector, enhancing his perspective in and out of the classroom. A perspective seen first-hand by his students. Ian Watts-Willis, an Identity Management Analyst in IRT, is confident that his former professor’s expertise will be transformative. “Professor Dahlquist connects the classroom with the industry, and often stayed in the lab with us long after class was over to talk through possibilities and practicalities. He also brought in industry colleagues to talk to us about product design, which really helped connect theory and practice.”

Putting technology to the test
A self-described ‘intellectual tinkerer,’ Dennis enjoys piloting new software and introducing innovative applications of technology in the classroom. An ‘agile classroom’ concept is something he regularly tests – a model supporting face-to-face, online and streaming learning opportunities to help serve a diversity of student needs. Brad Grebitus, IRT Service Desk Manager, and his team feel Dennis is already an honorary part of the Service Desk team. “Dennis is constantly testing and comparing new and emerging technologies in the classroom setting. Whether he’s testing Mediasite Lecture Capture, Collaborate, and Zoom simultaneously for comparison purposes, or piloting program features to determine their applications, his findings help inform best practices and how we (IRT) can best market and support these tools for campus.”

“Dennis’ commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible through technology will help guide our University strategy to expand the traditional classroom, support accessibility, and bring process efficiencies. In and out of the classroom, Dennis is a trusted resource for technological initiatives here and at the Chancellor’s Office level. His expertise and ability to represent and help innovate pedagogy to support student success will create exciting opportunities to grow our teaching and learning experience.”  - Christine Miller, Interim IRT Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Dennis is working to identify synergies in Sac State’s collective efforts. He’s also currently helping represent the faculty and technology side on the Next Generation Learning Management System Steering Committee, and is excited to be looking “to the cloud(s)” as Sacramento State identifies a new solution.

“Technology isn’t a burden, it’s a benefit,” he adds. “Part of my role is to test, communicate and bring awareness that technology is actually a warm science – tools can bring people and ideas together, which in turn will enhance the exceptional teaching and learning experience Sacramento State offers.”


Published: 03/22/17