Windows XP:


The SacLinkSecure wireless network is a WPA network utilizing WPA2/AES and PEAP. To configure your computer for using this network, you can either use the automated tool or manually configure your connection.

You may need to update the drivers for your wireless network card if you are using the Windows drivers. Click HERE to download the drivers from Microsoft.

These instructions are for the default wireless manager provided by XP. If you have a proprietary wireless management application, please consult the instructions provided with it. 

  1. Double click the Wireless icon in the System Tray.
  2. Click the View Wireless Networks button.
  3. Under Related Tasks, click Change advanced settings
  4. Click the Wireless Networks tab
  5. Click Add (or, if SacLinkSecure is already listed, select it and click Properties)
  6. Enter SacLinkSecure for the Network Name (SSID); select WPA2 Enterprise for Network Authentication and AES for Data encryption.
  7. Select the Authentication tab and choose Protected EAP (PEAP) as the EAP type. Uncheck Authenticate as computers when computer information is available
  8. Click the Properties button.
  9. Click Configure and uncheck Automatically use my Windows logon name and password (and domain if any) Unless your computer is authenticated to the CSUS domain.
  10. Click OK until you are back at the Wireless Network Connection window. Then select SacLinkSecure and choose Connect.
  11. Enter your NetID username and password and click OK
  12. Choose OK when prompted to validate the Server Certificate

At this point you should be connected. If you have problems. please contact the Service Desk at ARC 2005, 916-278-7337, or