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As a unit of the College of Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies (SSIS), the ISR works to open new avenues and partnerships for faculty and students interested in applied social research.


Faculty Partnerships

Sacramento State faculty can benefit greatly by working with the ISR. Benefits include:


  • Professional research staff to assist faculty with research efforts ranging from design and database construction to statistical analyses.
  • Use of the ISR’s facilities, including CATI lab, web survey capabilities, server and LAN network for construction and access to databases, quantitative and qualitative analysis software, and workspace for project activities.
  • Assistance recruiting and hiring project staff including student research assistants and interviewers.
  • Assistance with project administration, which allows faculty to focus on research, rather than red-tape.
  • Opportunities to involve students in applied research.
  • Strong entity identification sought by many prospective funding sources.
  • A mechanism for faculty to strengthen their C.V.
  • Visibility for faculty projects and reports.
  • An opportunity to share in the Facilities & Administration (F & A or “indirect”) on funded projects.

Faculty Fellows Program

The Faculty Research Fellowship (Faculty Fellows Program) began in the 2006-2007 Academic Year as a collaborative effort between the SSIS and the ISR to help junior faculty develop their research programs and learn the processes of grant and contract-funded research. A major purpose of the program is to provide opportunities for faculty to explore potential alignments between their research interests and the broad array of projects underway or considered at the ISR. Faculty Fellows participate in discussions and workshops at the ISR that are designed to identify different opportunities and approaches available to faculty. Sometimes Faculty Fellows join existing or developing ISR projects. One final product of the Fellowship is a brief funding proposal that the faculty member may submit for consideration for summer research funding and/or develop for submission to a potential funding agency, organization, or foundation.


Research Partnerships

The ISR works in collaboration with universtiy, local, and state entities to provide qualitiy services in applied research. The ISR currently has partnerships with the following centers:


  • Center for California Studies
  • Center for Collaborative Policy
  • Public Health Research Program (PHSRP)
  • Educational Insights Center (EdInsights)
  • Project for an Informed Electorate (PIE)

    Graduate Research Assistantships

    The Graduate Research Assistant (GRAs) Program was initiated in the fall 2006 semester.  The GRAs are an integral part of ISR. They work alongside our professional researchers and faculty associates learning all aspects of the research process as well as gaining valuable experience interacting with ISR clients. Our GRAs contribute in the following ways: preparation of research proposals, judgment and decision making on research and sampling designs, conducting literature reviews, assisting in the construction of surveys, questionnaires and interviews, data entry and cleaning, and undertaking data analyses under the direction of a Research Analyst or faculty member. They also gain experience interviewing (including telephone and in-person interviews), assisting in focus groups and helping with the preparation of reports and presentations.


    Undergraduate Opportunities

    Undergraduate students seeking real world experience in applied social research can find a variety of opportunities to work part-time on a variety of telephone and internet surveys which go on throughout the academic year and during the summer. Undergraduate students from Sacramento State and other universities may also qualify to complete internships at the Institute, or may talk to a faculty member in their major about completing a directed study associated with involvement at the ISR.