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  • California Elections Data Archive (CEDA)
    • CEDA is a joint project of the Center for California Studies, the ISR and the Office of the California Secretary of State. The purpose of CEDA is to provide researchers, citizens, public agencies and other interested parties with a single repository of local election data. CEDA summarizes candidate and ballot measure results for county, city, community college and school district elections in three separate reports that have been published annually since 1995. To view a video describing CEDA (includes accompanying transcript) produced by Sacramento State, please click here. Links to previous years' reports, written summaries of results and trends, summary tables, and raw data can be found by clicking here: CEDA Reports.
  • Franchise Tax Board Consumer Satisfaction Survey (2014)
    • As part of the Franchise Tax Board’s (FTB) effort to meet one of its four main strategic goals, “Taxpayer Centric Service,” outlined in its 2012-2016 Strategic Plan, the FTB contracted with the Institute for Social Research (ISR) to conduct a call center and website customer satisfaction survey. This initial satisfaction survey provides a baseline percentage of taxpayers who believe that the FTB provides the “products, services, and information needed to pay the proper amount owed.” This baseline supplies a starting point from which to measure progress towards meeting the goal of increasing the percentage of taxpayers who believe that the FTB provides the services they need. The survey was conducted using Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) resulting in approximately 700 completed interviews for analysis. (Report)
  • Survey of Charitable Giving in the Greater Sacramento Region (2010)
    • The ISR was contracted by the Center for Strategic Economic Research (CSER) to conduct a computer-assisted telephone survey of households in the Sacramento region regarding charitable giving behaviors, motivating factors, and impediments to giving. ISR prepared a report summarizing the survey findings and comparing charitable giving in the Sacramento Region with findings from published reports on charitable giving in other geographic areas. This information is being used to assist a steering committee of local non-profit leaders to create an education and outreach campaign highlighting the importance of charitable giving and encouraging philanthropic gifts from households in the greater Sacramento region. The ISR's contribution can be viewed in the Greater Sacramento Generosity Project Quantitative Research Compilation report prepared by CSER. (Report)
  • Evaluation of the Licensing of Engineers in California (2003)
    • The ISR completed a legislatively mandated evaluation, determining whether there was a justification for California's distinction between the "practice act" disciplines of civil, electrical and mechanical engineering and the remaining "title act" disciplines. The study resulted in a set of recommendations for restructuring the licensing of engineers in the state. (Report)
  • How Californians See Cooperatives (1995)
    • In cooperation with the University of California, Davis Center for Cooperatives, the ISR conducted a statewide telephone survey. The goal of this survey was to to examine awareness, knowledge, and perceptions of cooperatives and to obtain reliable estimates of co-op membership. (Report)
  • Surveys of Visitors to Sacramento (1991-1992 & 1996-1997)
    • Funded by the Sacramento Convention and Visitor's Bureau, the ISR conducted two separate year long surveys of visitors to the Sacramento region. The survey sought to provide a broad discription of Sacramento visitors, including information on their origin, reasons for visiting, and the kinds of attractions and locations visited.