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The following represent our core values and can be regarded as the standards which guide the daily operation of the ISR. These are enduring values which remain constant from client to client and from project to project. They form our foundation and inform our processes and products.


Personal and Professional Integrity

We carefully select our staff not only for their technical expertise, but also for their personal qualities. Personal and professional integrity are indicated by personal value systems, previous experiences and performance evaluations. We will not compromise our ethos of honesty and integrity at any phase of the project or client relationship.


Quality People, Quality Work

Conscientious recruitment and hiring ensures that only the best join the ISR team. Our staff come from a diverse range of backgrounds. All are highly qualified, personable and committed to producing the very highest quality of work.


Advancement of Understanding of the Social World

A critical function of the ISR is to increase understanding of issues that impact our world at levels which affect the human condition. We take a pragmatic approach to disseminating data-driven research towards this end.


Partnership with Sacramento State University and the Academic Community

We value our integration into the University and share its commitment to serving the students, faculty and community at large by facilitating education in research methods, promoting the value of high-quality research, and by serving as a bridge between these entities.


The Scientific Method

The scientific method forms the basis for all of our research and our objectivity provides clients with unbiased results that capture reality and provide credibility among diverse audiences.


Employee Well-Being

We take a lot of pride in our staff and reward contributions through an organizational environment and culture that promotes employee well-being in and out of the office. Strong camaraderie and mutual respect distinguish our workplace as both productive and fun.


Respect for Clients

We treat all clients with respect and professionalism and tailor our approach to maximize the balance between client needs and solid investigative processes.


Stewardship of Resources

At the heart of every successful organization is the responsible management of resources. We constantly strive to evaluate and increase our effectiveness. We endeavor to deploy our expertise efficiently to provide clients with the highest quality work while remaining conscientious of costs.


Making the World a Better Place

Those who are drawn to applied research in the social sciences are here because of a personal commitment to improve the human condition. We consider the nature of projects we accept in light of their positive impact on society and the world in which we live.


Creativity and Flexibility

We maintain a size and organizational structure that enables us to adapt to each project approaching it in an open and flexible way. While maintaining scientific rigor, we encourage creative problem solving to address client needs and concerns.


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