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The ISR is committed to improving the human condition through advancing the understanding of social problems. In partnership with California governments, nonprofits the University and the larger community, the ISR seeks to provide timely, high-quality research to enhance decision making, improve the use of resources, and advance the quality of programs designed to address these problems. The ISR will increase its recognition as a center for research services and professional training in research-related fields.


We envision the ISR as continuing its growth and development through additional gains in expertise and visibility. We expect to increase our number of highly qualified staff to meet the needs of the multidisciplinary approach. We will continue to promote professional development through the creation of additional levels of research positions and through the support of continuing education. We see ISR staff actively involved in scholarly endeavors including publication and conference presentations. The ISR plans on publishing White Papers on topics that include research approaches and other substantive issues. Growth will include additional joint faculty appointments with various academic departments. We expect to increase the competitiveness of our current Graduate Research Assistant program in which we recruit not only regionally, but nationally as well. The ISR will be located in a state-of-the-art research facility. We anticipate increasing the stability of our revenue stream of grants and contracts, with at least one-quarter of the ISR’s annual budget being provided through appropriated funding sources. We anticipate the annual budget of our portfolio of projects will be $5 to $7 million. Finally, we will establish a regional, national, and international reputation known not only for high-quality research, but also for the impact of our work on understanding and addressing major social problems.


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