Co-curricular Activities

      One way the FYE program supports students during the vulnerable adjustment period of freshman year is by engaging them through co-curricular activities that facilitate intellectual engagement within and beyond the classroom.  Course faculty and Peer Mentors work collaboratively to choose from a menu of co-curricular opportunities that are supported by the program, either through funding (a small internal RFP allows faculty to request up to $300 per course section) or through organizational support.  The co-curricular menu includes the following items:

  • Campuswide One Book program, Common Intellectual Experience
  • Writing Partners@Sac State, Service Learning project
  • Peak Adventures Challenge Center Team Building/Experiential learning workshop
  • Leadership Initiative, Student Organizations and Leadership
  • Attendance at campus and community cultural/artistic events and performances that link to the curriculum

University and community One Book programs have been established nationwide to promote literacy and to engage all members of a given community in a lively, intellectual conversation based on their shared reading experience. In this way, students, staff, faculty and alumni will share a common University experience: the One Book.

In January 2008, Wells Fargo generously donated funds to establish a One Book Program at Sacramento State. The One Book Program is a campus-wide initiative encompassing all disciplines, all class levels, and all members of the campus community. Bridging literacy and community service, participants read preselected books, engage in discussions with the authors, and take part in service projects that address contemporary social issues raised by the books. Sacramento State is entering its sixth year of the One Book Program.

The Writing Partners@Sac State Service Learning program pairs one university FYE or Learning Community course section with a corresponding public school elementary or middle school class for letter writing over the course of a semester.  The project culminates in a visit to campus by the school children to meet their university writing partners, learn about what it takes to prepare for college and complete an activity during the visit while paired with their partner.  During fall semester 2011, the Community Engagement Center at Sac State assisted in establishing eight K-8 classroom partners for FYE courses participating in the Writing Partners@Sac State program.  In fall 2012, that number had increased to twelve course sections participating in this service learning project.

The Sacramento State ASI Peak Adventures Challenge Center program gives you the opportunity to test your communication, integrity, trust, and leadership. In our custom designed programs we use icebreakers, energizers, team challenges, and climbing elements to build team cohesion and achieve greater results in your team, organization, workplace and community. You come here to examine and share common reactions, insights and emotions. You leave here with a sense of accomplishment, self-worth, courage to make choices, and realization that seemingly impossible challenges can be overcome by working together.

The Sacramento State Leadership Initiative is a certificate program designed to engage students in on-campus opportunities and provide an intentional path to enhance leadership skills. The foundation of the LI is based on the Social Change Model of Leadership Development, which encompasses three sets of values individuals build upon to become change agents in society - individual values, group values, and societal/community values. In conjunction with this model, there are four possible certificates to complete in sequential order: Green, Gold, Hornet Pride, and Leadership Initiative. The program objectives for the Leadership Initiative are to develop students' leadership and professional skills, to serve as a foundation for involvement in campus life, and to promote retention, academic success, and graduation.