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ALEKS Assessment to Challenge Developmental Math Placement Summer 2009

If you took the ELM exam, your ELM score will be used to classify you into one of three math placement categories:

  1. Eligible for General Education level math courses;
    • i.e. placed into MATH 1, MATH 17, Math 24, etc.
  2. Require 1 semester of a developmental math course or;
    • i.e. placed into LS 10A, or LS 10X plus Math 9
  3. Require 2 semesters of developmental math courses.
    • i.e. placed into LS 7A/B

Developmental math courses (also called remedial math courses) do not count toward degree progress, but they do require text books and count toward university and financial aid unit caps. You can save a substantial amount of time and money by reducing the number of, or eliminating the need to take developmental math courses.

The Learning Skills Department uses the ALEKS software package to offer those students who wish to improve the math placement category determined by their ELM score or Early Assessment Placement. The student is given a chance to work over the summer and take an additional placement test the week before the fall semester starts using ALEKS. ALEKS is an online software package designed to assess a student’s math competency. Interested students can do the following.

  • Buy ALEKS on-line for $45 and register with Learning Skills instructor.
  • Take an initial self assessment test online with ALEKS.
  • After the initial assessment, ALEKS will recommend one of two online ALEKS course modules based on the results of the initial assessment.
  • Any student who purchases the ALEKS course module and spends at least 25 hours working in that module can take a final (proctored) assessment. (exact locations and times to be determined).
  • Any student who passes a proctored assessment can have their math placement category changed (that is, they can decrease the number of required semesters of remediation).

The best way to prepare for the proctored ALEKS placement test is to invest significant time in the ALEKS on-line course modules and tutorials. To get started and take your initial assessment, you may register for an ALEKS account and Sac State Learning Skills by following the link on the left.

Once registered, you are directed toward a brief tutorial of the system, and then you immediately begin an initial assessment.  The results of the initial assessment are used to direct you to one of two course modules and tutorials that are designed to help you practice skills that you need to strengthen. The Sac State Learning Skills Department requires you to purchase the appropriate ALEKS course module and spend at least 25 hours over the summer practicing in the module if you want to improve your math placement status. Students with less than 25 hours of time in their ALEKS course module will not be eligible to take a proctored assessment in August. Do not buy ALEKS and register before June 22, 2009.