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Registration for ALEKS Assessment and Review Materials Summer 2009

Steps to purchase and register for Sac State Challenge Asssessment courseware. Do this June 22 or later.

Step 1:Have an appropriate credit card available.

Step 2: Log in to www.aleks.com

Step 3: Find the Higher Education box and click on "SIGN UP NOW"

Step 4:In the box "Using ALEKS with a Class?" put in the code 6DQR6-ENGQR 

Step 5: Press "Enter"

Step 6: At "Enter Your Access Code" screen click on the link "purchase an access code on-line"

Step 7: Click on the radio button next to "ALEKS Math (One Quarter) $45 " then click on the "continue button".

Step 8: Chose "California" as the state and "CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY-RECIEIVING DEPT" as school.

Step 9:Agree to the conditions and put in identifiacation and credit card information.

Step 10: Finish up by reading the "ORDER SUMMARY AND ORDER CONFIRMATION". Make sure to save any log in names and passwords.

What happens next ?

The following will take place.

  • Your computer will be checked for the aleks plug ins.
  • The computer will install the plug in if you have administrative access to your computer.
  • If you do not have administrative access, log out and log in using http://www.aleks.com/plugin .
  • Use http://www.aleks.com/plugin for all further log ins.
  • Take the initial assessment and continue using the directions in FAQ.
  • Customer support is available at http://www.aleks.com/support

How can I get help if I am having trouble with the mathematics or questions regarding the proctored assessment?

Information can be obtained by e-mailing Pam Fredenburg.