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The LegiSchool Project ~ Real Issues... Real Debate... Real Curriculum

What's on Your Mind?

Comments From LegiSchool Participants…

teal ball graphic "I think LegiSchool is one of the most powerful tools in California education. I'm completely wedded to the concept of involving students in government. This is the real thing. Legislators listen. I think that's a very powerful message to communicate to students."
--Teacher, New Technology High, Napa

teal ball graphic "A million thanks for providing me with the opportunity to attend the Student Journalism Summit! It is most definitely one event I will never forget. The direct contact with the 1998 candidates was an honor -- one that I wish every student could experience."
-- Student, Whitney High, Cerritos

teal ball graphic "For students from underprivileged neighborhoods, the opportunity to travel to Sacramento and debate current relevant issues was an experience guaranteed to enrich their lives and encourage them to continue in their post-secondary goals."
-- Social Studies teacher, Los Angeles High

teal ball graphic "Thank you for the opportunity of a lifetime. Going to Sacramento was an eye opener. To be in a live audience hearing other people's comments and viewpoints, can never be replaced. I want to strive for the best and achieve nothing but the best, and I want to thank LegiSchool for having a touching impact in my life. I will never forget that trip."
-- Student, Senior, Poway High School

teal ball graphic "I feel that I have a lot more power with my 17-year-old voice than I thought! It was a powerful feeling to get an opinion on my thoughts.
--Student, Davis Senior High, Davis

teal ball graphic “It is so important for students in our demographic area to be able to participate in LegiSchool. The socioeconomic level of our students makes it difficult for them to have experiences out of their local environment. Thank you for offering them this opportunity.”
--Teacher, Rosemead High

teal ball graphic “My students and I have found our experiences in Sacramento as guests of the project to have been one of the highlights of the year. Students have commented to me that they have a new appreciation for the complexity of our democracy and a new excitement about the potential of government to change people’s lives.”
-- Teacher, Upland High School, Upland

teal ball graphic "Thanks for the chance to be heard as a student and to share my views on education to help the next generation do better and progress further. I thoroughly enjoyed myself."
-- Student, Bear Creek High, Stockton

teal ball graphic "Our students returned from Sacramento with hope and saddened by the adverse reality affecting their college plans. By directly participating in the Town Hall Meeting with LegiSchool, our students were given an opportunity to voice their real concerns and to experience our government in action."
--AVID Coordinator, Poway High

teal ball graphic "Thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate in the Student Journalism Summit. I was so excited to be able to meet various politicians and ask them what their thoughts are on the topic of Indian gaming. The tours at the Capitol and Sacramento Bee were just icing on the cake. I was recently honored by my principal and the Tustin School Board for this experience."
-- Student, Foothill High School, Tustin

teal ball graphic "My students were amazed by the experience. They "bought-in" because other kids were up at the legislative hearing table speaking directly with the legislators. It's very feasible that the students, with the kinds of questions they were asking, could, in fact, modify or impact legislation."
-- Government and U.S. History teacher, San Juan High, Sacramento

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