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Related Web Sites

Teal ball graphic California Campaign for the Civic Mission of Schools
The California Campaign is an effort to apply the goals and recommendations outlined in The Civic Mission of Schools to strengthen civic education in California's public schools. The Center for Civic Education joins Constitutional Rights Foundation in this effort.

Teal ball graphic  California Center for Civic Participation and Youth Development
The Center engages youth in the democratic process by using sound Youth Development principles. This is accomplished by providing opportunities for middle and high school youth to participate in civic education, leadership, and service programs that directly connect to local, state, and federal issues.

Teal ball graphic  California Channel
The California Channel is a public service funded entirely by California's cable television industry . . . To provide an electronic bridge between Californians and their elected officials.

Teal ball graphic California Council for the Social Studies
CCSS is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting quality instruction for students and support for Social Studies educators. The organization represents both public and private school educators from social science subject areas in elementary and secondary schools as well as in post-secondary institutions.

Teal ball graphic  California Government Network
A great place to look if you are doing research on California and want access to more information than you can imagine. Links to every major government office in California!

Teal ball graphic  California Home Page
A very nice Home Page with lots of useful information about California.

Teal ball graphic California State Assembly
Home page the State Assembly offering access to Member's Web pages, the Assembly Daily File and much more.

Teal ball graphic California State Senate
A wealth of information on current and past legislation, legislators, the capitol, etc. A listserve is available at these sites which will automatically notify you through your e-mail account any time an action is taken on a bill you are interested in.

Teal ball graphic Campaign for the Civic Mission of Schools
The Campaign's primary goal of improved and expanded civic learning is essential if America's schools are to reclaim their civic mission of Educating for Democracy.

Teal ball graphic Center for California Studies
The Center for California Studies is a public service, educational support, and applied research institute of California State University, Sacramento. It is dedicated to promoting a better understanding of California's government, politics, peoples, cultures and history.

Teal ball graphic  Center for Civic Education
The Center for Civic Education is a nonprofit, nonpartisan educational corporation dedicated to fostering the development of informed, responsible participation in civic life by citizens committed to values and principles fundamental to American constitutional democracy.

Teal ball graphic Center for Youth Citizenship
Good citizenship doesn't just happen.  CYC programs teach young people the leadership skills and social responsibility necessary to be fully participating members of society.

Teal ball graphic  CIRCLE
CIRCLE (The Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement) promotes research on the civic and political engagement of Americans between the ages of 15 and 25. Although CIRCLE conducts and funds research, not practice, the projects that they support have practical implications for those who work to increase young people's engagement in politics and civic life.

Teal ball graphic CivicMind
CivicMind provides resources for learning about law and civic participation in communities and classrooms around the world.

Teal ball graphic  Civic Education Consortium
"The Civic Education Consortium, which is housed at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's Institute of Government, consists of more than 100 nonprofit organizations, public schools and state and local government agencies. It seeks to add first-hand experience to the teaching of civics in elementary, middle and secondary schools by bringing local community leaders into the classrooms and involving students in projects that explore issues in their communities."

Teal ball graphic CongressLink
CongressLink is "classroom" friendly service for teachers and students of history, politics, civics, and related subjects in upper elementary schools through college who want to pursue the study of Congress as a springboard for learning activities related broadly to civic education. The program seeks to facilitate activities related broadly to civic inquiry-based learning through the use of a Web site and involvement in an online learning community.

Teal ball graphic  Constitutional Rights Foundation
Constitutional Rights Foundation seeks to instill in our nation's youth a deeper understanding of citizenship through values expressed in our Constitution and its Bill of Rights and to educate young people to become active and responsible participants in our society. CRF is dedicated to assuring our country's future by investing in our youth today.

Teal ball graphic Easy Voter Guide
The Easy Voter Guide Project is dedicated to the idea that all people should have access to nonpartisan information about the why, how and what of voting and other forms of civic involvement.

Teal ball graphic ezgov.com
From paying parking tickets and utility bills to accessing property records, online or over the phone, ezgov.com gives citizens an anytime, anywhere alternative for interacting with government. In addition to these and other services, ezgov.com provides dynamic information on all levels of government.

Teal ball graphic FirstGov
FirstGov is the world wide web information portal for the United States Federal Government. FirstGov is intended to be your first resource to find any government information on the Internet, with topics ranging from business and economy to money and benefits to science and technology - and everything in between!

Teal ball graphic  Legislative Analyst Office Home Page
The Legislative Analyst's Office provides analysis and nonpartisan advice to the Legislature on fiscal and policy issues.

Teal ball graphic  Library of Congress
The Library preserves a collection of more than 119 million items, more than two-thirds of which are in media other than books. These include the largest map, film and television collections in the world.

Teal ball graphic MyVote California
MyVote California will tap into the excitement of the 2008 presidential primary election to offer high school students a chance to learn about the candidates and issues, and gain firsthand lessons on the power of voting and how government and politics affect every part of their lives. Students will vote for their choice in a mock election to be held on January 28-29, one week before California’s Presidential Primary Election.

Teal ball graphic Next Ten
Next Ten creates tools that empower Californians through deeper understanding of critical issues affecting our future economy and quality of life.

Teal ball graphic Sacramento Educational Cable Consortium
SECC’s mission is to provide quality educational resources to learners of all ages in the greater Sacramento Community primarily through video and other information and communication technologies via cable systems and networks. SECC is a collaborative effort of the K-20 education community all working together toward this mission.

Teal ball graphic What Kids Can Do
What Kids Can Do, Inc. (WKCD) is a national not-for-profit organization founded in 2001 for the purpose of making public the voices and views of adolescents. On its website, WKCD documents young people's lives, learning, and work, and their partnerships with adults both in and out of school.

Teal ball graphic  White House
Although not directly related to state government, this is a very interesting Web site and worth a look.

Teal ball graphic Youth Service California
YSCal promotes a statewide youth service movement that we believe will lead to healthy youth development, strengthened communities, and improved education in California. YSCal informs, convenes, networks, and advocates for youth service and service-learning programs.

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