Archways of Knowledge

Laura Easton, Palo Alto High School - 11 grade

As I was walking around the Stanford campus, I came across a darkened corridor. The deep shadows were pierced with archways of light. The angle of the photograph appeared as if the corridor continued forever. Walking through the echoing corridor, I am reminded of the knowledge and history associated with higher learning in California. This is a place students come to explore and grow. When I think of California, I think of our pride in having the best university system in the country. Families move here just so they can send their children to one of the many excellent colleges. Here in California everyone has the opportunity to advance to a higher learning. This photograph portrays the rich tradition of learning and Californiansí love of knowledge. As a junior in high school, I feel extremely fortunate to have so many opportunities for my future.

© 2005 Luara Easton, Displayed with permission.